That time I jumped off a bridge and screamed like a girl.

I’ve always wanted to try bungy jumping. The moment I learned that you could jump off a bridge, attached to what is essentially a super-strength rubber band I was intrigued. I wondered if I’d be able to do it. Would I get to the edge, look down and freak out? Or would I take the final step and conquer my fear?

Last week I was in Queenstown, New Zealand for a wedding. My friends couldn’t have chosen a more picturesque place to get married, as Queenstown and the area surrounding it are simply stunning.

It’s been years since I was last down that end of the country, and even flying in is incredible-I was taking photos out the window on my iphone and the pictures don’t do justice to the magnificent scenery. I’m not a religious person by any means, but whenever I’m in that area of New Zealand I get the feeling that there must be something more out there-I just can’t believe that such beauty could be a happy accident.

Anyway, I was hoping at some stage between all the wedding stuff I’d be able to sneak in a quick jump, and finally got my chance on the way to the airport the day after the wedding. I definitely owe my friends a drink for dragging their hungover butts out of bed early so that I’d have time to jump.

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world, and the team at AJ Hackett take that reputation seriously. The first commercial bungy jumping opened up at the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown in 1988, and it was this jump that I was lucky enough to do.

The guys who were getting me ready for the jump were teasing me mercilessly  and pretending like they weren’t sure if they were tying up my legs correctly, which is why you’ll hear me ask for one last check before I jump! The whole team was both professional and fun, and I can’t wait to go back and do the Nevis next time.

Here’s the video of my bungy experience (no judgment for the piercing scream I let loose!):

I can’t wait to bungy jump again, and if you’re wondering if you’re brave enough to give it a go… the answer is yes! If I can do it then you can definitely do it! The adrenalin rush is simply amazing, and I was on a high for the rest of the day. I’m still proud of myself for giving it a go, and I’m now planning my next adventure experience…skydiving.

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown New Zealand

10 comments on “That time I jumped off a bridge and screamed like a girl.

  1. Aroha April 22, 2013 @ 2:23 am

    Hilarious Stacey! Loved the scream lol, can’t say I’d do any different tho…!
    Aroha recently posted..Four Years (Fyra År)

  2. Izy Berry April 23, 2013 @ 1:21 am

    Nice! i have been planning to go bungee jumping too! I can’t wait to experience it!

  3. Digital Nomads May 23, 2013 @ 10:06 am

    You are so BRAVE, I did’t want to do it while in Banos Ecuador as it felt too scary.

  4. Lee April 19, 2014 @ 4:04 am

    The thrill of the adrenaline pumping through my veins was almost nonexistent compared to the sheer terror and stupidity of what I was about to do. My hands were clammy and I was shaking, part of my mind was screaming out to me to turn back while I still could. There was a person on either side of my arms to keep me from falling off. I didn’t think, my mind went blank as I obediently jumped as far out as I could. My eyes closed and in that moment all I could hear was the wind flying past me. This is how I had my first bungy jumping experience!

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