Flight of the Gibbon-Ziplining in Siem Reap

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go ziplining in Siem Reap at the Flight of the Gibbon in Angkor Archaeological Park, and I’m so glad that I jumped at the opportunity.

In order to get into the Angkor Archaeological Park you need a park pass which is $20 for a day or $40 for three days. The course only takes around two and a half to three hours to complete so it’s a good idea to visit some of the temples on the same day.

We were running late due to a miscommunication over whether we were getting picked up and a lack of understanding about where the starting point was. We finally got on the road and drove for ten minutes before our tuk tuk driver asked us if we had our park passes with us. Good thing he did as two out of three of us had forgotten them.

We were booked in for the 1.30 session and didn’t arrive until close to two o’clock. Luckily our tuk tuk driver was amazing and had rung the office to get directions for us since none of us speak Khmer.

There wasn’t much of a welcome, although this may have been because we were so late. After signing a consent form we were introduced to our guides and strapped into our harnesses.


 Flight of the Gibbon Angkor


We jumped onto the back of a pickup and they drove us to the starting point to watch the safety demonstration. The guides told us to never clip and unclip ourselves as this would be done for us, to never put our hand on the metal part of the zipline (I had a gruesome vision of losing a few fingers that way), and taught us how to land at the end of each zipline.

I’m not afraid of heights but if I was I would have felt much more comfortable after seeing the careful and safe behavior of the guides. After they were certain we all understood the rules we made our way up to the first zipline.

As I watched a few of the others go hurtling along the line I was almost bouncing with anticipation and ready to try it myself. The hardest part was trusting the ropes to hold me, but I sat down in the harness, raised my legs and held on tight.

Whoosh! I was away. I flew through the trees even faster than I had thought possible although this meant that I had a hard time keeping myself facing forward, and my landing was admittedly less than perfect.

Ziplining Siem Reap


While the first zipline was slightly nerve-wracking, after experiencing the feeling of flying through the rainforest I couldn’t wait to do it again.  Unfortunately it was pouring down with rain for the last half of the course although it was really nice to enjoy some cooler weather in Siem Reap.

Flight of the Gibbon in Angkor has ten ziplines, four skybridges, and twenty-one treetop platforms. The longest zipline is 300 meters which is a long enough to enjoy the view and build up some speed!

Experience zip lining Cambodia

Along the way the guides told us about the wildlife in the forest. They were very knowledgeable and supportive of those who were afraid of heights. The course itself is well set out, and on the way back we were given a lesson about different insects and trees.

I really enjoyed crossing ziplining off my bucket list. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time, and while bungy jumping and whitewater rafting were more of an adrenaline rush, ziplining with Flight of the Gibbon was a fun afternoon and a great way to learn about the rainforest.

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining


3 comments on “Flight of the Gibbon-Ziplining in Siem Reap

  1. Lynn A Girard May 9, 2015 @ 8:17 am

    My husband & I had an amazing visit to the Flight of the Gibbon as well.

    Check out our blog post about our zipline adventure:

    • Stacey May 17, 2015 @ 12:31 pm

      Love your post Lynn, looks like you guys enjoyed it as much as we did :)

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