Christmas in Chiang Mai

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog, mainly because I’ve been so busy! I’m working¬†as a freelance writer here in Chiang Mai, and while I do have quite flexible hours, it’s definitely stressful since I never know how much money I’ll have coming in each month.

This Christmas I was lucky enough to have my mum visit me, and she arrived a few days before my 25th birthday. We spent around a week and a half in Cambodia before flying back to Chiang Mai where we had Christmas.

Christmas in Chiang Mai is weird. There are decorations everywhere since Thai’s rarely need an excuse to hang up sparkly stuff (neither do I), but Christmas isn’t a public holiday here which means everything is still open on Christmas day.

It was actually kind of good to be able to run down to the shops. We had breakfast at Smoothie Blues on Nimmanhaemin road, which is one of my favorite places for a decent Western Breakfast. It’s a little pricey, but the menu is extensive with tons of healthy options and of course great smoothies and juices.

Luckily Santa managed to find his way to Thailand:

Christmas in Thailand


At around 3pm we went to an English pub near the Night Bazaar called the Red Lion and had Christmas lunch with a bunch of couchsurfers. It was around 690 baht per person which is a lot of money for a meal in Chiang Mai.

While it definitely wasn’t one of the best Christmas dinners I’ve ever had, it was nice to have a Western meal and listen to some Christmas carols while getting to know some other travelers.

Christmas in Chiang Mai


It’s not Christmas unless everyone’s had too much to drink, and after inhaling our food we went to a few different bars. I must be getting old because I was home by 10pm!

Merry Christmas everyone!



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