Stay in control!

When you save up for something long and hard, the last thing you want is a problem getting in the way, especially when it feels like it’s out of your control. There is nothing more frustrating than being at the mercy of circumstances, and when it comes to your holidays, you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s a sign you shouldn’t go!

Of course that’s ridiculous, of course you should go, and it’s simply one of those things that are sent to test us occasionally! The key is to try and keep the control in your hands as much as possible, and then there is less chance of feeling like you have no reins on a situation, because you can easily adapt and change your route. I am of course talking about how you get to the airport, because this is probably the only part of your travel day that you really have any control over, the rest is out of your hands. Getting to the terminal door is your responsibility, what happens after that is down to the plane leaving on time, which unfortunately is out of your hands!

Airport Parking

For me, the answer to such a conundrum would be to drive yourself to the airport, because then the only person in control is you. Of course, traffic happens, but you can then change your route, as we mentioned above, and go a different way. There is an answer to everything!

Airparks have some fantastic deals on parking and airport hotel bundles, which not only add convenience to your travel day, but also makes it feel a bit more special, making travel an enjoyable part of your holiday. I recently booked one of the Manchester airport hotels with parking included, and the price was fantastic, with the service being second to none. I would highly recommend looking into what you can find at your departure airport, as this really made my travel day much easier as a result.


Knowing that you are right where you need to be alleviates some of the stress and worry that does have a habit of creeping into your travel day. Knocking unnecessary stress on the head is better for you and your overall health, as well as a more positive start to your holiday. Don’t let a lack of control in a situation ruin the start of your break; something you have worked long and hard for, and looked forward to for months shouldn’t be ruined at any cost!


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