Taking advantage of a holiday fact …

If you’re an experienced bargain holiday seeker, than you will no doubt have noticed that the cheapest holidays are usually departing from a London airport. This is simply a fact of UK holiday life, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure of the reason for this, however what I have decided is that it’s best to take advantage of it if at all possible.

Sometimes this isn’t a realistic option, if you live in the far north of England or in Scotland for example, it’s not really going to make financial sense to be travelling that far south in order to catch a flight, but if you live somewhere in the middle of the country, or anywhere along the southern perimeter, then maybe this could be an option for you.

I live in the Midlands and on a couple of occasions I have found that the combined cost of travelling down to London, staying at one of the Stansted Airport hotels, with the flight cost added on, this all still worked out cheaper than a flight from my regional airport. It sounds crazy, but it worked out that I kept money in my pocket as a result, so I went for it!


Basically, I decided that it wasn’t fair that everyone near to London got in on the cheaper holiday fun, and I had to pay more, so I figured a way out and took advantage of it – this is what holiday bargain hunting is all about! Sometimes you do have to put yourself out a little in order to take advantage of such things, but if it works out to make financial sense, then why not?

Being flexible and patient when searching for holidays is what will bring you the best results, and once you’ve found it, I’d advise you to either watch the price if it’s a flight, for a day or two, and if it goes down book it then, and if it’s a holiday and it’s mega cheap, just book it there and then. Waiting is a risk, but in terms of flight only, it can mean an even cheaper price tag if you watch it closely for a day or two.



All that’s left to do once you’ve found your ideal break and got it booked, is to download the fun holiday countdown app, watching the days tick by, getting more excited by the minute. I think half the fun of going on holiday is the anticipation, and I try and enjoy that part of it as much as the time I am away.

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