4 experiences that make Prague pop

Prague is best known in certain circles for wild stag and hen nights — but it’s also a cultural hub with stunning architecture and a rich history.

The capital of the Czech Republic was also the heart of the ancient Kingdom of Bohemia and the stunning town centre has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

The city has emerged from a tumultuous time following the collapse of communism in the Velvet Revolution to become a vibrant modern metropolis with something unique to offer every visitor.

So if you’re planning to visit this central European hotspot, here are four experiences that make Prague pop.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle adds a breath-taking touch of romance to the city skyline and looks like something straight out of a fairy tale when cloaked in snow.

It’s the largest castle complex in the world — with various palaces, ecclesiastical buildings and merchant quarters making it more like a miniature town than a single attraction.

You can spend a few hours soaking in the amazing atmosphere and saunter back down the steps into town, pausing for picturesque photo opportunities.

Anyone visiting Prague who skips the castle is really missing out.

John Lennon Wall

If you’re into popular protest and iconic music, head for the John Lennon Wall tucked away in the Mala Strana district in the shadow of the castle.

It was the centre of anti-communist protests in the 1950s and was gradually covered with counter-culture lyrics and murals throughout the 1960s.

So when John Lennon was killed in 1980 it was the natural meeting place for thousands of mourning fans to converge and cover it completely with images of the ex-Beatle.

It remains the only place in Prague where graffiti is legal —so bring along some spray paint to squeeze in your own artwork on the brightly coloured bricks.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub in District Five is an interesting workspace that’s ideal for a meeting or teleconference in town.

The collective arty vibe means you’ll mix with staff and visitors right away — even down to making a donation for coffee and biscuits and helping to clean the dishes.

You’ll bump into lots of interesting people — from online students catching up with their distance learning courses to entrepreneurs pitching ideas to investors.

So if you can’t avoid work for the duration of your visit, this hub at least provides a cool venue for doing business.

Beer spa

Prague produces the best pilsner beer in the world — so if you’re partial to a pint you’re in for a treat.

And a visit to a Czech beer spa allows you to bathe in a healthy mixture of yeast and hops while you enjoy a few refreshing brews.

So it’s a total-immersion experience that leaves you pickled and preserved inside and out.

This is an alcoholic experience that might be good for your health, so it shouldn’t be missed.

There are lots of excellent activities available in this stunning city — but these four experiences that make Prague pop are the pick of the bunch.

What’s your favourite Prague experience? Share your tips in the comments section.

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