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Taking the Boat from Siem Reap to Battambang in Cambodia

When faced with two choices- a three-hour bus ride or a 6-9 hour boat ride, which would you choose? Last month my mum arrived for Christmas. The day after she landed we took the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap. There’s only one bus that goes directly through, and it’s run by the Transport co. […]

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Volunteering with New Futures Organisation in Takeo, Cambodia

There are so many ways to volunteer abroad and so many different charities, that trying to find a worthwhile project can be overwhelming. As a western traveler I feel like it’s only right that I give some time and “do my bit” while I travel, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to find legitimate volunteer opportunities. I’d heard great things about volunteering […]

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The Temples of Angkor

Going to Cambodia without visiting the temples of Angkor is like going to Egypt and skipping the Pyramids. More than two million visitors swing by the temples each year, and for good reason. With hundreds of temples in the area there’s plenty to choose from, and they’re all so different that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Entry to […]

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