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How to Ride a Scooter in Thailand (and not die)

If you’re thinking about traveling to Thailand, chances are you’re going to want to rent a scooter at some stage. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I’ve been riding a scooter in Chiang Mai on and off for six months now, and I have a few words of advice. As soon as you […]

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Travel Agent Tip: When is it best to book through a Travel Agent?

Todays question is from Izy who blogs at In this day and age, is it really better to book through a travel agent? This one is tricky for a number of reasons. Largely because it’s completely dependent on the type of person you are, where you’re going, and your level of stress when planning […]

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Travel Agent Tip: How to get Cheap Flights

Welcome to my new series: Travel Agent Tips. In the last eight months I’ve learned a lot about the travel industry and travel in general, and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned with you, my lovely readers. First up, I’d like to address some of the many myths and misconceptions around finding a cheap flight. […]

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