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Swimming with the Dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii

When I was in my travel month after working as an Au Pair, I was most excited about the prospect of finally swimming with the dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’d wanted to do it for years in New Zealand, but you know how it goes-often you never do that sort of stuff […]

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Photo of the Week: Behind Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

This is one of my favorite photos from my time in Hawaii. The waterfall itself is gorgeous of course, but we also squelched through the mud behind Rainbow falls (being eaten alive by mosquitoes), and were well rewarded for our efforts. I’m definitely an amateur photographer, but I think I managed to capture the stillness […]

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The Best Beaches on The Big Island, Hawaii

I recently visited the Big Island in Hawaii, and when other travelers told me they were “island hopping”, I figured I’d mistake devoting 11 whole days to just one island. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Public transport is sporadic and unreliable (although very cheap), so we rented a car for a few days, and […]

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